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Background is a Lithuanian blog style website covering technology news, mainly focusing on the newest smartphones, but also cars, games, and more. I redesigned it last year. We ordered design services [from MNTS] – pleasent communication, quick and high quality work! Results are just perfect, after the last few mocked up pages, we literally had no words! Vouch,” said the owner of the site, Lukas.

Original review text: „Užsakėme dizaino paslaugas - malonus bendravimas, greitas ir kokybiškas darbas! Rezultatai tiesiog puikūs, po paskutinių puslapio dizaino darbų, likom tiesiog be komentarų! Rekomenduoju.“ (Lukas Snarskis)


Figma website prototype design


Fall of 2021

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Mantas and his team have more than a collective decade of experience helping brands thrive – from design to launch.

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