Byteania is a hosting company that provides fast and reliable hosting for businesses and individuals. Mantas from MNTS worked with Byteania to perfect their branding, website, merch, and marketing materials. The goal was to showcase their brand identity and value proposition, as well as to optimize the user experience and conversion rate on the site. The result was a modern and professional website that reflects Byteania’s vision and mission, and attracts more customers to their hosting plans.


Web Design, Web Development with Integrations for Software, Brand Development, Graphic Design (Wallpapers, Thread Designs), Advertising Material, Merch Design (Hoodies, Business Cards), and Consulting


Mantas is a class web developer and designer. He has created us everything from web pages, logos, banners, wall art, posters to merchandise designs. He consistently demonstrates his ability to provide a high standard of service on a daily basis. We use Mantas on a weekly basis to provide us with graphics, he provides input for all my commissions ensuring that I always get a finished product that suits our needs. Working with Mantas is a unique experience, he is likely the best freelancer I've ever worked with.”

Jack Guild
Managing Director

Testimonial 2

We've come back to Mantas time and time again for very good reason. His design skills are stellar, and he really works with us to make sure we get exactly what we want with zero compromises. Working with Mantas is a completely different experience compared to other developers & designers. I would and do recommend MNTS to everyone I know who needs web development or any design work.”

Samuel Levy
Former Managing Director

design for byteania
design for byteania
design for byteania
design for byteania
design for byteania
design for byteania

Mantas and his team have more than a collective decade of experience helping brands thrive – from design to launch.

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Mockups & prototypes
Landing/marketing pages
Custom web/mobile apps
Logos & branding
Thread designs & posters
Accessibility compliance
Custom calligraphy (handwriting)
Traditional CMS (WordPress, Ghost)
JAMstack (Next.js/Hugo, Strapi)
Software themes (e.g. WHMCS)
Distributed Git workflow
Custom Laravel, mobile apps
Advertising & packaging