Amplified Funding provides flexible financing options for for small and medium-sized businesses. You can get financed in 24 hours – and the process is simple and fast in no small part thanks to the technical and design solutions emplyoed by MNTS. Mantas helped Amplified Funding advance their brand identity and create a unique landing page web design.

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Brand and graphic design, website design and development

design for QParcel
design for QParcel
design for QParcel
design for QParcel

Mantas created the majority of the graphics seen on the social media of Amplified Funding and their blog, including advertisements and blog headers.

design for QParcel
design for QParcel
design for QParcel
design for QParcel
design for QParcel

Filling forms can be a tedious task, so Mantas made sure to make the process as easy as possible for the user. Look how overwhelming the full form can be. Instead of showing the user the full form, we only show them the first required step on page load

design for QParcel

This form is always shown right above the fold. Once the first fields are filled, the next step is shown, and so on. The form itself is also quite short and easy to fill. The full process of financing is deliberated by phone and email.

Mantas and his team have more than a collective decade of experience helping brands thrive – from design to launch.

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